Cupcake & Chili Challenge



Many thanks to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church who is again taking on the challenge of this year's challenges!  They are currently accepting registration for both Chili and Cupcakes. 


Contact Jim by email

He will need your name, address (you do not have to live in Wauwatosa), email and phone

There is no fee to enter!


The contest will be held the morning of Saturday 9/8 . Take your items to St. Johns between 9 and 10. Judging starts at 10.


You may:

  • Enter both chili and cupcakes or just one of the two 
  • One entry per family please! It's a family project!
  • Requires 2 dozen cupcakes to be judged on appearance, taste, texture in a disposable box or container and/or 2 quarts of well heated chili (you get your crock pot back) also judged on aroma, appearance, taste and consistancy. 
  • Please keep in mind these are sold later outside in a tent so no whipped cream frostings, etc that will not hold up
  • Do not provide chili additives such as cheese, it needs to stand on it's own
  • You cannot stay in the building for the judging - sorry, it makes the judges nervous and gives them indigestion. You don't want to do that! 
  • Prizes (and we always have really good ones worth up to 500.00) will be given out to the top 5 in each category. Considering we limit at 20, Grandma's recipe has a great chance!)


Judging takes about 2 hours and winners will be announced from the Acoustic Stage as soon as possible after the judging is done.


All bakery is sold at the Bakeoff Booth in the food court. The chili is 'dumped' into several batches to make Tosafest's famous Wapatuli-Tosa Chili and will also be sold from the tent.